Front Garden Renovation


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This job required us to completely change the use and look of the front of the property. The picture shows the property on the first day on site concrete drive to side with a raised border separating a parking area and to the right a typical grass and border front garden. The customer needed more parking space and a much lower maintenance scheme.










As you can see from the pictures it was a bit overgrown and mix of tarmac and concrete parking that had seen much better days.












After discussion with the client it was agreed to remove the whole garden area and  the large raised border between the parking area and driveway. Next we needed to define the boundary with new fencing to both sides and the front. Then we needed to dig up the whole area removing all concrete and tarmac leveling the ground to a single level



We then used crushed concrete to bring the levels up and give a solid base for cars to go on. Then we erected a closeboard fence to the side and a palisade fence to the front and other side.


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